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Seaway7 stands out as a global leader in renewable energy, with projects illuminating millions of homes. Meet some of the visionaries behind this success.

“The work on projects at Seaway7 is incredibly dynamic and varied, making each day exciting and unpredictable. I’ve been in the offshore industry for almost 20 years, and most of that time has been project-based work. What I really find attractive about Seaway7 is the pace and energy that characterise this type of job. You start the day with a plan, but it quickly fills up with exciting tasks and challenges, keeping you on your toes,” Seaway7 project manager Simen Andersen enthusiastically proclaims.

Simen Andersen

Project manager, Seaway7

He further explains that this is why there is never a dull moment, whether it’s meetings, technical planning or hands-on problem-solving, especially during the international operations the company undertakes.

Installing Offshore Wind Projects

“We are a global company, specialising in installing offshore wind farms worldwide, with around 1000 employees,” Andersen explains.

Offshore wind farms consist of wind turbine generators that convert wind power into clean electricity, reducing global dependence on fossil fuels.

The company manages the entire construction process for the wind farm, from the fabrication and offshore transport of the large components to the installation of foundations, through to cables and the turbines themselves. Turbines are usually fixed to the seabed or on special floating structures for deeper waters.

“We can be responsible for the entire process or just parts of it,” Andersen elaborates, adding that they are currently planning a project in the Baltic Sea where Seaway7 will install cables connecting all turbines to a central offshore hub called the Offshore Substation.

“This work is essential to ensure that the electricity generated by the wind turbines at sea can be efficiently transported to the onshore grid, where it can be used to supply homes, businesses, and industries with clean energy,” he says.

Photo: Seaway7

Global Player

Meanwhile this is just one of several international projects involving Seaway7.

With an impressive portfolio, including the installation of 12 GW offshore wind infrastructure through 51 offshore wind projects worldwide so far, they have established themselves as a pioneer in offshore sustainable energy construction globally.

One of this year’s most prominent projects is the installation of foundations for the wind turbines at the Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farm in the UK.

Here, they are responsible for installing 277 offshore wind turbine foundations in the North Sea, as part of what will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

This project, a result of collaboration between SSE Renewables (40%), Equinor (40%), and Vårgrønn (20%), will have the capacity to supply electricity to 6 million British homes annually upon completion.

Teamwork is Key

“In addition to technical insight, working on such large projects requires, personal qualities,” explains Maria Eidesvik, VP Europe and the US.

“A significant part of the job at Seaway7is facilitating decision-making and guiding the team towards effective solutions. This requires excellent communication, which we highly value. Collaboration is central to our culture, and that’s precisely what makes the work so engaging,” Eidesvik adds, highlighting the importance of teamwork throughout the process. She also mentions that an offshore project typically takes three years from start to finish.

Maria Eidesvik

Vice President for Europe and US

“It’s about reducing risk and optimising results, which requires a strong team spirit,” she adds.

By Kristian Mendoza

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