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Companies are facing an increasing demand from customers to track more traditionally manual reporting processes in an automated and efficient way, with data required on demand.

In addition, these companies must often adhere to different industry standards such as ISO or NORSOK and there are more requirements from clients and governments about what exactly needs to be documented and reported on.

Historic paper trails and progress reports, other documentation and various spreadsheets can easily cause double entry work generating costly errors both in terms of money and time, but crucially does not give the real project status at the current point in time.

Larger energy companies have long since realised the value and benefits of digitalisation within the welding industry and have been systematically working towards this. There are signs that a wider range of industry players are catching up though.

James Blyth

Solution Engineer, Weldindustry AS 

James Blyth, Solution Engineer at Weldindustry says “Fortunately, we are now also seeing small to medium firms picking up on this and starting down the route to digitising this time-consuming paper trail. In my job, where I am lucky enough to visit a variety of companies and implement WeldEye to different specifications, I can see how digitising weld reporting is driving solutions, simplifications, and improvements. Importantly I am also witnessing first-hand how making the welding reporting software accessible to a wider range of people in the organisation is driving efficiency”.

Digital solutions are increasingly offering improvements and simplifications, making welding software more accessible and user-friendly for a wider range of companies and users in the fabrication industry.

Integration of existing systems (CAD, ERP, HR etc), handheld and phone solutions as well as adaptable dashboard interfaces showing real-time data and statuses are only some of the new developments convincing the welding industry it is time to join the drive for digitalisation.


WeldEye is a modular based software that is configurable to make sure the solution matches the scale, characteristics and needs of your welding production. WeldEye Welding Management consists of 6 modules essential to any welding project management.

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